7 Factors That Affect Martial Arts’s Longevity.

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Check this out for a Wing Chun EPIC demo! Kung fu is one of the most commonly used types of Chinese martial arts. In the Chinese language, kung fu means ‘achievement through investment in time and energy and through great efforts’. Kung fu is not only the art of self-defense, but also a philosophy of life. Kung fu helps to keep the body as well as the mind in shape. It brings the mind, body and spirit together. It makes people stronger mentally and physically. READ MORE For many, the easiest way to own one of these training tools was to build it yourself, as it’s size and weight made it difficult to find and to transport. We’ve worked with our manufacturer to solve those problems and now have an effective Wing Chun dummy that can be shipped to your door. Simply assemble the base, attach the post and arms.

Wing Chun – The 7 greatest Wing Chun demonstration’s ever!

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